About Tower Promotional Products

We speak promo so you don’t have to. . . Tower Promotional Products is your promotional products, embroidery, and screen printing resource that lets your message rise above the rest. We started with service and these three question in mind to make us a better company for you.

  • Why do people and businesses want to put their brand or message on “stuff”?
  • How can we make the process of getting custom “stuff” easier for clients of all sizes?
  • What can we do differently to help our clients get more value, service, and ROI results for their branding needs and help make them more successful?

We went and asked these questions to various clients and industry giants, and the answers were equally as simple. Businesses and people want to convey a brand or idea. Sometimes that message is to a large audience, and sometimes it’s to a small audience. The end result is always the same – getting recognized and and starting conversions, and we’re proud to be a company that helps its clients do both.

Tower Promotional Products (Tower Promotionals) is a well-established, highly reputable supplier for promotional products, embroidery, and screen printed apparel in multiple markets. We offer tens of thousands of products to showcase your brand, from lanyards, wristbands, water bottles, umbrellas, tee shirts and polos, headwear, and nearly anything you can envision with your logo – with tailored solutions to fit any size company and any size budget. Offering all the popular brands from Nike, Adidas, Dickies, Hanes, Gildan, BIC, and more, Tower Promotionals has everything needed to help your message “rise above the rest”, all from a successful, creative promotional products partner.

We understand identity is important and together with presentation it is essential in successfully marketing and promoting your brand and ideas. It’s why we go the extra mile to virtually proof everything we do, research color usage, and even tailor recommendations to maximize your promotional and branding goals. Many products are available to print in full color providing an extra level of “wow” for any event that will have your image towering above others – even on very short runs for the smallest of events and clients. All our products are ready to use as soon as they reach their destination.

Tower Promotionals is committed to ensuring that we use only the highest quality items. We take pride in our service and our aim is ALWAYS to exceed expectations. Each satisfied client is a measure of success, and each glowing review or referral is a testament to how well we treat you and your brand. There are over 60 combined years of experience at your disposal and our team is happy to go the extra mile to make your image shine. Think of us as your promotional products foundation.

As part of our commitment to quality and service, we have strategically partnered with many of the products manufacturers to provide for shortened deliveries on branded orders. We strive for a 6 – 10 Business Day service window on over 80% of our products including the delivery time. And if fast isn’t fast enough, talk to us about our Guaran-Teed clothing items and promotional products with a 24 – 48 hour production time. Tower Promotional Products understands deadlines, which is why our number one goal is to make certain you look good on-time every time.


If you’re looking for experience, we have it where it matters most. Our staff and production teams are some of the best in the industry and have the skills required to provide your company the best experience based on our experience.

Embroidery - Over 36 Combined years
Promotional Products - Over 25 Combined years
Screen Printing - Over 25 Years
Art and Digital Service - Nearly 20 Years

More Reason to Choose Tower Promotional Products

With a success partner, you don’t just rise above the competition, you tower. How can we help?

  • We speak promo so you don’t have to.
  • Focused on details so you can focus on ideas.
  • We make embroidery Sew Simple, even 1 item.
  • Our experience is always here for you.
  • Real people that offer real solutions and service.

Recognition in our DNA

Did you know recognition is an essential part of keeping core clients and employees happy? Tower Promotional Products helps with client gifts, employee rewards, and other recognition needs.

Did Someone Say Gifts?

We do that too. Beautifully unique and creative pieces that make amazing gifts for every reason. Thank You Items, Employee Birthdays, Work Anniversaries, and Employee/Client Holiday Gifts; the list goes on and on.

Every Client of Every Size

Our goal is to make life long clients. We are solution driven for clients of all sizes. Whether you are a sole proprietor needing just one item or a large corporation needing thousands, we know how to make that happen.

We Snack on Deadlines.

Goals are deadline driven and so are we. You tell us what you need, when you need it, and we will exhaust every idea to make that happen. Your top priorities are our top priorities.