What is Screen Printing, and what is it best for?

Screen Printing or Silk Screening is a method of printing on fabrics and plastics that uses a screen with an image that has been developed into it to lay down an ink. Every color in a design will usually have 1 screen per color, and if the colors are going on dark shirts, there is an additional color called an underbase. Think of it like a primer coat for the other colors to sit on and be properly visible in the finished product. Screen printing is best suited where there won’t be more than 2 layers of ink sitting on the fabric, as the inks are actually a plastic material that cures when heated. This is what forms the final print most people are familiar with on their printed shirts. While the inks are known for being thicker and slightly heavier, screen printing usually forms the brightest colors, because we can control the color during application to ensure the best results based on your color proof.

What is Direct to Garment (DTG) or Digital Fabric Printing?

Direct to Garment technology shouldn’t be confused with some iron on products often seen in retails stores that have a rubbery, almost latex-like feel. DTG is best suited for smaller runs, has a slightly higher cost, but produces a rich color profile when your image has almost photographic detail. They will have a soft hand with bright colors even on dark shirts. They won’t be as bright as traditional screen printing, but the results are VERY pleasing to the eye when you want to capture the most realistic detail. Direct to Garment printing is most similar to the process your desktop printer uses, but instead of paper, the machines print on tee shirts and other garments. With DTG, you can run us little as 1 Shirt, but we ideally like to do 3 – 6 at a time. With 16 Million colors that can be produced, you can let your imagination run wild.

What is Digital Color Printing, and what type of products is this usually used on?

Like Direct to Garment, Digital Color is used to produce near limitless colors, produces very high detail, and is used in hundreds (even thousands) of products sold at Tower Promotional Products. Digital Color, also know as Direct to Substrate printing is perfect for ink pens, bottle labeling, drinkware, and believe it or not, high end electronic accessories. Digital Color is the most forgiving of printing when it comes to artwork requirements, and is used on products like headphones, cell phone cases, custom houseware decorations, and even novelty gift products. These products make excellent additions to our storefront programs because often, they allow your employees to purchase single items without iventory.

What is Embroidery, and why should I consider it?

Embroidery is a process where an image is converted into a format a commercial sewing machine can read to produce that image with richly color threads. Most embroidery designs require a set up that is required to make the image useable for the process. Tower Promotional Products often tries to waive the set up fee costs, but this is usually based on project size and various minimum requirements. In instances the fee cannot be waived, the charges for most designs are nominal, usually $30 – $50 for a design.

Embroidery produces a professional look on casual items, bags, totes, dress shirts, headwear, and more. The cost of embroidery is directly impacted by the size of the logo or image and the final number of stitches it will contain. When you want to set off the look of your management, sales, or office teams, often times, embroidery is the perfect, professional look that will have everyone dressed to impress.

I'm ordering for an event, how should I determine my sizes?

There are a number of ways to plan for sizing. If the event is known for something like employees and spouses, the simplest way is a spread sheet, online order form, or have everyone email what they need and send us the compiled information.

We have a handy tool that uses the number of expected attendees plus extras, and breaks the order down into a range based on historical industry data. this information is compiled every year, and often, we have found this to be one of the most effective ways to breakdown a large order when you’re unsure of actual sizes. Don’t be too worried, Tower Promotional Products will help you with your order and make the best recommendation we can to make certain you get the best size run for your event.

I need help with Promotional Product Ideas, any suggestions?

OF COURSE! We love to help with ideas. Promotional Products are usually pretty targeted to your audience, the industry you are in, and honestly the perceived value you wish to convey. For example, a lawn service company might hand out schedule calendars and pens, where as a car dealership might give out boxed keychain sets or collapsible cargo dividers for the trunk.

We have a search site that can help with ideas, and we are happy to discuss options and provide ideas to you based on budget, event, and what you want to achieve with your promotional product project. There are some stand by items all business should consider, and the best of these are items that will be useful to the end user everyday. Why? Because it means your brand is always in their mind.

Our recommendations for 2020 and 2021 include Antimicrobial Pens, Touchless Tools with a stylus, portable chargers, charging cords, reusable totes, adhesive notepads, water bottles, and for truly in your face advertising, Facemasks are still a big part of our daily lives.

Do you have retail brands like Nike and Adidas?

We sure do! We love brands, and we have a lot of them. Our most popular items include Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Under Armour, Callaway, Peter Millar, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and many more. We also carry a full range of Ogio and Northface products. It is important, that with retail brands, checking stock and acting quickly can be very important depending on the time of year. These bigger retail brands have core styles that carry over for more than one year, but much of the line is driven by the fashion industry. As the products deplete, they are usually gone for the season which means, what is available this year may be different than what is available next year.

Our experience is making sure to point out core styles to have a look that will last for multiple years. However, most companies looking at products like Peter Millar or Calvin Klein are interested in what is trending so their sales and management teams always have a fresh look.

Do you have a company store program?

We’re glad you asked. We do indeed. Our company store program isn’t just for companies with multiple locations, it’s designed to work for clients with 30 or more employees. Our store platform is perfect for creating a company swag and recognition program as well as being an ordering portal for standardized, preselected merchandise.

For example, a construction firm running multiple projects might have project managers buying products based on their individual project(s). A moving and storage company that has multiple locations in various states might have more than one logo, but wants to have a consistent look; we can help with that. Our store program is very customizable and we try to take into consideration the best way for you to manage your ordering solution so it saves you time and helps control costs.

Check out the company store program page for details or contact us to discuss your needs.

What types of services do you offer?

At Tower Promotional Products, we are pleased to offer a very diverse range of products and services designed to meet the goals of all our clients creative needs.

  • Screen Printing
  • Direct to Garment Printing
  • Embroidery
  • Laser Engraving for Hard Surfaces
  • Laser Etching for Fabrics and Leathers
  • Digital Color Printing
  • 4 Color Process for Paper Products
  • 4 Color Process for Trade Show and Event Items


Feel free to send us an email or give us a call. We love questions, and we love to help!

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